HV73 - High Voltage Thick Film Chip Resistors

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KOA’s high voltage thick film flat chip resistor provide superior capabilities over standard thick film flat chip resistors with maximum working voltages as high as 500V. The HV73 chip sizes and voltages include: 0603 - 350V, 0805 - 400V, and 1206 - 500V. KOA’sHV73 chip resistors reduce spacing requirements and may decrease the total number of resistors needed in high voltage applications. Through the use of metal glaze thick film, excellent heat and moisture resistance is assured. Power ratings of 0.1W ~ 1W offer resistance tolerances of: +0.5%, +1%, +2%, +5%, and the resistance range is 10k W ~ 51M W.


  • Max voltage: 500V
  • Sizes: 0603, 0805, and 1206
  • Available tolerances: +0.5% - +5%
  • Resistance range: 10k W – 51M W.
  • Provides heat and moisture resistance


  • DC/AC Invertors/LCD TVs
  • LCD Monitors
  • Navigational Equipment