KQ Wirewound Chip Inductor

KOA Speer
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The KQ surface mount inductor series from KOA Speer Electronics offers a flat top design providing excellent mountability, solderability and reliability. The KQ series are available in 0402, 0603, 0805 and 1008 case sizes. This family of inductors offers inductance value ranges from 1 nH to 10 uH and tolerances from 2% to 20%. They offer minimum Q factor values from 16 to 65 and SRF values from 90 - 6000 MHz. The rated DC current ranges from 80 to 1360 mA.


  • Small chip inductors with air-core and wire wound for frequency equipment.
  • High Q and high self-resonant frequency with stable temp. characteristic.
  • Precision type (2%) is available.
  • Excellent mechanical strength, mountability, solderability and high reliability.
  • Suitable for high-frequency circuits such as telecommunication equipment and mobile phones.
  • Low DC resistance and high allowable DC current.
  • Suitable for reflow soldering.
  • Products meet EU-RoHS requirements.


  • Telecom Equipment
  • Bluetooth Devices
  • Wireless Equipment
  • ADSL Applications
  • Set Top Box Applications
  • Cable Modems