PSI, PSB, PSE - Surface Mount Power Shunt Resistor

KOA Speer
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The rated power of the metal-plate-design resistors ranges from 3 to 6W at 105°C termination temperature and some models offer reliability benefits in high temperature and power-load-cycling environments by a specially designed shape of the landing pads.

The robust PSB current sensing power shunt chip resistor designed with KOA’s original terminal structure, allows for easy absorption of thermal expansion. The PSB offers excellent temperature cycling characteristics from the special 0.2mm thick Cu electrode shape. This PSB is an ultra-low resistor (0.75mΩ ~ 1mΩ), with +1% tolerance, T.C.R. of ±75ppm. They are non-inductive with a high power rating of 6W if mounted on an alumina substrate. The PSB serves as an excellent heat transport to the PCB substrate.

The PSI/PSE current sensing power shunt chip resistor designed with a flat rectangular structure for strong mounting and a smooth current flow ideal for large current detection. KOA’s PSI has a T.C.R. of ±50ppm and +75ppm, allowing for operation over a wider temperature span and providing greater stability under load. The PSI offers dependability and performance with a resistance range of 1mΩ ~ 4mΩ , tolerance of ±1% and a high power rating of 3W. The PSE, also with a 3W power rating, is offered in 1mW, +5% tolerance, at +150ppm and a high power rating of 3W.


  • Smooth current flow, suitable for large current detecting
  • Flat structure, applicable for strong mounting (PSI/PSE)
  • Easy to absorb the thermal expansion because of KOA’s original terminal structure (PSB)
  • Low height with a thickness of 0.65mm, suitable for use of thin modules (PSB)
  • Non inductive type
  • Products meet EU RoHS requirements, with exemption per Annex 1, exemption 5 of EU directive 2005/95/EC


  • ECUs
  • Inverters
  • Power Supplies
  • Industrial-automation equipment