SLK 2,8 Terminals

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KOSTAL developed an innovative SLK 2,8 terminal system with a robust and compact design; high current carrying capability, temperature range to 170 degrees Celsius and ability to connect with KOSTAL tab terminal or blade fuses. The SLK 2,8 terminals are for use with engine sensor connectors and other harsh environment applications. 


  • 48 Amp current carrying capacity at 20C
  • 14-24 AWG wire size range
  • Tin or silver plated
  • Temp to 170 degrees C with Ag surface
  • Connection technology crimping
  • Single Part Traceability
  • Sealed or Unsealed use
  • Mating Tab terminals available
  • Seals available


  • Agricultural equipment 
  • Automotive equipment 
  • Commercial vehicles 
  • Construction equipment 
  • Heavy and light trucks 
  • Marine 
  • Mass transit vehicles 
  • Recreational vehicles