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Outstanding electrical performance and compact size describe the Lear MAK Power Series best. Lear Power MAK Terminals accept 8.0/9.5mm and 12.0mm blades and wire termination by either crimping or ultrasonic welding make this system the first choice for any high current application.

Current loads up to 160A (at 80°C ambient temperature), wire sizes up to 35mm² (2AWG) and its low mating efforts combined with its compact size are outstanding product features. The ultrasonic welding for wire termination allows for 90° wire exits and offers increased harness design flexibility. The applications range from inline connections, to power feeds into junction boxes and direct connection to high rated fuses. Single wire seal versions are available. A selection of connectors for power demanding applications, e.g. EPS and PTC, are available.


  • Terminal for blade sizes 8.0/9.5mm and 12.0mm 
  • Ultrasonic welding offered as termination technology 
  • Ultrasonic weld versions offer axial and 90° wire exit on same terminal 
  • MAK8 rated up to 100A at 80°C ambient temperature 
  • MAK12 rated up to 160A at 80°C ambient temperature 
  • Robust product by stainless steel box 
  • Multiple lamella design for electrical performance and vibration resistance 
  • Using single wire seals for sealed applications


  • Used in automotive and truck applications 
  • Sealed and unsealed inline connectors 
  • Direct connections to power demanding units, e.g. Cooling fans, PTC heaters, Electric Power Steering (EPS) 
  • Power supply into junction boxes, replacing eyelet terminals