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Lear’s MSK terminal system is designed for high density, low current connector applications in automotive environments. It mates to 0.64*0.64mm pins and provides a 2.54mm centerline pitch. Excellent vibration resistance, a wide temperature operating range and high retention forces make the MSK terminal system most suitable for a wide array of automotive applications.

The MSK terminal has a unique steel reinforcement to the contact beams, and is available for use with single wire seals.


  • 0.64mm terminal system providing a 2.54*2.54mm centerline pitch 
  • Wire size range of 0.2mm² up to 0.75mm² (approx. 24 – 19 AWG) 
  • Available with tin (Sn) and gold (Au) surface finish 
  • Using single wire seals for sealed applications 
  • Contact beams are reinforced by steel spring to excellent vibration resistance and lifetime reliability


  • Used in automotive and truck applications 
  • Direct connections to sensors and actuators 
  • High density connectors 
  • Signal applications