Heavy Duty Connectors & Terminals


For the heavy truck industry, Lear offers a product range to meet the highest standards in product robustness and reliability. The MKR/MKS and VKR/VKS series of heavy duty connectors & terminals ensure reliable signal transmission even in the harshest environments. Resistance to vibration up to 30g, exposure to extreme conditions and dense packing of terminals in the connector housing are key features of Lear’s heavy duty terminal and connector system. The excellent vibration resistance is achieved through multiple contact points on the circumference of the pin and contact beam reinforcements. The system comes in a Ø1.5mm and Ø2.5mm pin size and covers a wire size range of 0.5mm² to 2.5mm².


  • Specifically designed for heavy truck applications 
  • Resistance to extreme vibration (up to 30g) 
  • Exposure to extreme environmental conditions 
  • Multiple contact points 
  • Contact beams supported by stainless steel spring 
  • Covers large wire size range from 0.5mm² to 2.5mm² (approx. 20 to 13AWG)


  • Heavy truck 
  • Direct mount to engine 
  • Inline connectors 
  • Applications with high vibration