Maximum Surge Protection for Outdoor LED Lighting


The Littelfuse Surge Protection Modules are self-protected devices that can be used in outdoor and commercial LED lighting fixtures for transient overvoltage protection. They are constructed with Littelfuse thermally protected varistor technology.

The built-in thermal disconnect provides additional protection against catastrophic failure/fire hazard under varistor end-of-life or sustained overvoltage conditions. The LSP product series facilitates surge immunity compliance to IEEE C62.41.2 Location Category C High Exposure, ANSI C136.2, and US Dept of Energy MSSLC Model Spec.




Parallel Version



Series Version


Surge Protection Module – Self-protected device designed for transient overvoltage protection of outdoor and commercial LED lighting fixtures





  • Maximum Lightning Surge Current 20kA
  • Thermally Protected Varistor Technology
  • Parallel-connected and Series-connected Options
  • Complies with UL1449/IEC61643-111
  • Ingress Protection IP66
  • Wide Operation Voltage 120Vac~480Vac

Series Version – Clear indication for SPD module replacement by turning luminaire off when the thermal fail-safe protection is activated.

Parallel Version – External wire option for LED indication or adaptive lighting circuit.





  • Optimized surge immunity solution to protect the outdoor LED fixture investment to get the long-term reduction in maintenance costs and energy savings. Without surge protection, the value proposition of LED lighting is at risk.
  • Thermal fail-safe protection to prevent a hazard to the light or facility due to end-of-life or extreme failure conditions of internal components.
  • Confidence in the quality and integrity of specifications will be met since it is subjected to regular, independent third party analysis.
  • Surge protector is less susceptible to damage from water or environment.
  • Flexibility to select optimal protection for each lighting installation input voltage.


LSP10 and LSP05 Surge Protection Modules – Series Comparison

Description LSP10 LSP05

Connection Type



Indication for SPD Replacement

External LED Indicator/Luminaire Turned Off

External LED Indicator

Thermal Protection

MOV Thermal Disconnection When Overheated

MOV Thermal Disconnection When Overheated


MSSLC Roadway Elevated ANSI C136.2 Extreme UL1449 Type 4 CA EN/IEC 61643-11 Class II1

MSSLC Roadway Enhanced ANSI C136.2 Enhanced

UL1449 Type 4 CA EN/IEC 61643-11 Class II1

Un (Nominal Operating Voltage)

120/240/277/347/480 VAC

120/240/277/347/480 VAC

Imax (Max. Surge Current, 1-hit)



In (Norminal Surge Current, 15-hit)

10kA (20kV OCV)

5kA (10kV OCV)

Luminaire Insulation Class

Class I Earthed/Class II Unearthed

Class I Earthed/Class II Unearthed

Water-proof and Dust-proof




48 x 48 x 30 mm

48 x 48 x 30 mm

Applicable Markets