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The Littelfuse TMOV® and iTMOV® thermally protected varistors represent a new development in integrated circuit protection. Both versions are comprised of radial leaded MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistors) with an integrated thermally activated element designed to open in the event of overheating due to the abnormal overvoltage, limited current conditions outlined in UL1449. The TMOV® and iTMOV® varistor’s integrated thermal element, in conjunction with appropriate enclosure design, helps facilitate TVSS module compliance to UL1449 for both cord connected and permanently connected applications.

The TMOV® and iTMOV® varistors offer quick thermal response due to the close proximity of the integrated thermal element to the MOV body. The integrated configuration also offers lower inductance than most discrete solutions resulting in improved clamping performance to fast overvoltage transients.

The iTMOV® varistor differs from the TMOV® varistor by the inclusion of a third lead for the purpose of indicating that the MOV has been disconnected from the circuit. This lead facilitates connection to monitoring circuitry.

Additionally TMOV® and iTMOV® varistors are wave solderable, thus simplifying end product assembly by reducing the expense and rework associated with hand soldering operations.


  • RoHS compliant and Lead-free available
  • Patented integrated thermal protection device / Patent # US6636403
  • Designed to facilitate compliance to UL1449 2nd Edition for TVSS product
  • High peak surge current rating up to 10kA
  • Wave solderable
  • Standard lead form and spacing option
  • Low leakage
  • -55°C to +85°C operating temp range
  • Three-lead version available for indication purposes
  • Available in 14mm, 20mm, 25mm and 34mm disk sizes