6x32 mm Cylindrical Fuse (508 Series)

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The 508 Series of 6x32mm cylindrical fuses have a remarkable circuit interrupting capability of 10kA at 1000V AC/DC. They will be particularly attractive to multimeter and other instrumentation manufacturers that have found it difficult to obtain fuses this small to protect their sensitive electronic circuits from short circuits and high-energy fault currents.

By introducing the 508 series, Littelfuse supports the industry trend toward smaller and smaller circuits and equipment footprints, while facilitating the use of such equipment in high-energy applications. The design of the 508 Series ensures these fuses will open quickly and safely to protect circuits and equipment from very high energy fault current conditions.


  • Superior Interrupting rating of 10,000 Ampres
  • Compact form factor of 6.3x32mm
  • Available in cartridge
  • Pluggable into clips or shock safe holders
  • In accordance with Underwriter's Laboratories Standard UL 248-14
  • RoHS compliant and Lead-free


  • Instrumentation
  • White goods