8 Amp Alternistor Quadrac for LED Dimmer

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The Quadrac is an internally triggered Triac designed for AC switching and phase control applications. It is a Triac and DIAC in a single package, which saves user expense by eliminating the need for separate Triac and DIAC components.

Q6008LTH1LED series is designed to meet low load current characteristics typical in LED lighting applications.

By keeping holding current at 6mA maximum, this Quadrac series is characterized and specified to perform best with LED loads. The Q6008LTH1LED series is best suited for LED dimming controls to obtain the lowest levels of light output with a minimum probability of flickering.

Q6008LTH1LED series is offered in the industry standard TO-220AB package with an isolated mounting tab that makes it best suited for adding an external heat sink.


• As low as 6mA max holding current
• UL recognized TO-220AB package
• 110°C rated junction temperature
• di/dt performance of 70A/μs
• QUADRAC version includes integrated DIAC


• AC solid-state switches
• Light dimmers with LED loads
• Small low current motor in power tools
• Low current motors in home/brown good appliances