Alternistor Triac and QUADRAC Thyristor Power Control Devices

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Littelfuse introduced the Q6008LH1LED and Q6012LH1LED Series of Alternistor Triac and Q6008LTH1LED and Q6012LTH1LED Series of QUADRAC Thyristor Power Control Devices. These devices are designed for use as the switch in a dimmer circuit to adjust the light output of Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs and strings. They allow designers of AC line based dimmers for LED lighting to accommodate a wide range of operating parameters without sacrificing reliability and without degrading the performance of the dimmer. As a result, a single control device can be used for LED-based dimmers or for combination dimmers designed for incandescent, compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), and LED loads.

The low load current capability of these new thyristors makes it possible to create a single dimmer design that will cover all dimmable lighting loads: LEDs, CFLs, and traditional incandescents. The high rate of rise of current through these thyristors (di/dt) during turn-on and high junction temperature rating ensure greater reliability and design flexibility.


• Max holding current as low as 6mA
• UL recognized TO-220AB package
• 110°C rated junction temperature
• Static dv/dt performance of 35V/µs
• di/dt performance of 70A/µs
• QUADRAC version includes integrated DIAC
• Gated Triacs have 10mA gate sensitivity


• AC solid-state switches
• Lighting controls with LED lamp loads
• Small low current motor in power tools
• Low current motors in home/brown goods appliances