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Littelfuse’s PLED6M Series Open LED Protectors offer superior protection against open LEDs, which can cause a complete array to go dark, by providing a switching electronic shunt path when an LED fails as an open circuit. The array will keep working even if one LED fails, for greater reliability in applications in which uninterrupted illumination is critical.

PLED6M Series from Littelfuse is designed to provide a switching electronic shunt path when an LED in an LED string fails as an open circuit. This ensures that the entire array of LEDs will stay illuminated even if a single LED in a string fails. The PLED6M Series is designed for use with one-watt LEDs, nominally 350mA @ 3V, and the low turn-on voltage of 7.5V (max) allows for fast switching after an LED opens. Furthermore, the on-state (bypass) voltage of 1.2V (max) reduces the steady state power dissipation following an LED open failure and is housed in a small form factor Powermite® package.


• Electronic shunt/bypass for open LEDs, allowing LED strings to keep functioning, even if one LED in the set fails as an open circuit
• Automatically resets if the LED heals itself or the power is cycled
• Low profile, small footprint POWERMITE® package provides maximum heat dissipation and greater layout flexibility
• Supports high-brightness, outdoor LED applications where high reliability and low maintenacnce are required
• Environmentally friendly, RoHS compliant construction


• Street, subway, runway, and tunnel lighting
• Vehicle headlights
• Roadside warning lights
• Outdoor signage