TMOV®25S (Thermal MOV) Varistor Series

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Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) are rated for specific AC line operating voltages, and exceeding these limits through the application of a sustained abnormal over-voltage condition could result in overheating and damage to the MOV.

The Littelfuse TMOV®25S (Thermal MOV) Series was designed to address this condition in a single integrated package.

The Littelfuse TMOV®25S Series incorporates a patented integrated thermally responsive element within the body of the device which will open-circuit the varistor in case of overheating due to abnormal over-voltage events.

The TMOV®25S Series is based on the Littelfuse UltraMOV™ 25S Series which meets the surge suppressor component recognition requirements of UL 1449 3rd edition for both cord connected and permanently connected TVSS end products.

UL1449 3rd Edition approval of TMOV25S Series is currently pending related to the integrated thermal element of this series and product release is anticipated for summer or 2011. Please contact your Littelfuse product representative to discuss alternatives and for additional information.


• RoHS Compliant and Lead-free
• Patented integrated thermal protection device - Patent #US6636403
• Standard Operating Voltage Range Compatible with Common AC Line Voltages (115VAC to 750VAC)
• Wave solderable
• High peak surge current rating up to 20kA at single 8/20uS impulse
• Standard lead form and spacing option
• Low leakage
• -55 to +85 degree C operating temperature range


• SPD Products
• AC Panel Protection Modules
• AC Line Power Supplies
• Surge Protected Strip Connectors
• AC Power Meters
• Inverters, AC/DC power supplies
• UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)