AK10 Series TVS Diodes

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The new AK10 series of high current transient suppressors have been specifically designed for use in A.C. line protection and any demanding applications (AC or DC). They offer superior clamping characteristics over standard S.A.S technologies by virtue of Littelfuse Foldbak™ technology, which provides a clamping voltage lower than the avalanche voltage. (but above the rated working voltage) These devices can also be connected in series/parallel combinations to create a very high capacity protection solution.


• RoHS compliant
• Foldbak™ technology for superior clamping factor
• Glass passivated junction for reliability
• Bi-directional
• Ultra compact: 12 times less volume than traditional discrete solutions
• Very low clamping voltage
• Sharp breakdown voltage
• Low slope resistance
• 10,000A 8/20μs surge rating


• I/O interfaces Consumer electronics
• External power supply
• Switch-mode power supply
• Automotive electronics: media players, audio/video/data/power docks & inputs