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Designed for use in broadband and high-speed telecommunications, the SL0902 series is a miniature GDT designed to be a viable alternative to silicon surge protectors when high bandwidth and low capacitance are required. The SL0902 is Littelfuse’s smallest “Broadband Optimized” GDT Gas Plasma Arrester. For over-voltage components such as the SL0902, “broadband optimized” means that the product enables performance enhancement through a combination of low insertion loss, no capacitance variation in voltage or temperature, and excellent voltage clamping — all of which are requirements for broadband equipment in order to prevent surge damage while maintaining data integrity. The SL0902 meets these requirements within a very small footprint. “There is a need, particularly with ADSL2+ for protectors to exhibit little or no variation of capacitance with changing voltage. The SL0902 series meets that requirement while providing excellent surge clamping,” stated Paul Turner, Littelfuse Product Marketing Manager. “XDSL in general needs surge protectors with low capacitance/low insertion loss, and Littelfuse is committed to helping manufacturers further optimize their broadband offerings. The SL0902 series offers some of the lowest insertion loss values in the industry.” The SL0902 series is designed to work in conjunction with the Littelfuse TeleLink® surface mount fuse in applications where both fusing and surge protection are necessary. The small footprint SL0902 series can be accommodated on D0-214AA solder pads, providing that a D0-214AA is present on the board, allowing for replacement of a higher capacitance silicon device with the ultra low capacitance SL0902 series.


• GHz working frequency
• Excellent response to fast-rising transients
• 2.5KA surge capability tested with 8/20mS pulse as defined by IEC 100-4-5
• Surface mountable


• Telecom Equipment (high speed)
• Communication Equipment (high speed)
• Set Top Boxes
• HF Port ADSL Protection
• ADSL2+ and VDSL Equipment