Resettable PTCs

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Littelfuse offers a full range of surface mount and radial leaded PTC devices. Designed for "plug-and-play" applications, surface mount PTCs provide protection from overcurrent conditions in a wide range of applications and comply with electronic industry standards for lead reduction. Packaging is available in surface mount, radial leaded or strap type styles with RoHS compliant and lead-free series available. All surface mount and radial leaded devices are recognized under the Components Program of Underwriters Laboratory and the Component Acceptance Program of CSA, as well as being TUV approved.


• Styles: surface mount and radial leaded
• Surface Mount: plug and play applications
• Radial: 30VDC and 60VDC ratings
• Component Program of Underwriters Laboratory recognized
• TUV recognized
• RoHS Compliant parts available


• Plug-and-Play
• Overcurrent