Single Pigtail Type Fuses

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Littelfuse's 874, 875, 876 and 877 Series are the first real 3.6 x 10mm fuses in the market. The more compact footprint was made possible by doing away with conventional over-capping (single pigtail) while achieving higher I2T values for the majority ampere ratings relative to the existing offerings in the market.

The single pigtail, 3.6 x 10mm fuses offer more compact footprint compared with the majority of the offerings in the market for the equivalent and are ideal for electronic circuit designers who would like to optimize PCB board space. The new 3.6x10mm single pigtailfuses are suitable for those ampere ratings with higher I2T where end applications are more susceptible to higher frequencies of surges/transients.


  • Real 3.6 X 10 mm compact footprint
  • Offers greater flexibility in PCB circuit design where space is critical and limited
  • Higher I2T value for majority of ampere ratings
  • Minimize possible nuisance opening where fuse is correctly re-rated and selected during circuit protection design
  • UL agency approval
  • Internationally recognized under the component program of UL
  • PB-free, RoHS Compliant
  • Available in ratings of 0.10 to 10 Amperes for UL Certified 874 and 875 series and 0.125 to 5 Amperes for VDE rated 876 and 877 series


  • Lighting
  • Power Supplies
  • Adaptors