Littelfuse (SP03-6) Silicon Protection Arrays


Littelfuse's SP03-6 series low capacitance TVS protection device for high speed data lines provides broadband protection as well as overvoltage protection for applications such as 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet, T3/E3 DS3 interfaces, ADSL2+, and VDSL2+. This new protector combines the TVS diode element with a diode rectifier bridge to provide both longitudinal and differential protection in one package. This design innovation results in a capacitive loading characteristic that is log-linear with respect to the signal voltage across the device. This reduces intermodulation (IM) distortion caused by a typical solid-state protection solution. The application schematic provides the connection information.


• Fast response to fault currents
• Resettable
• Low profile/Compact design
• Compatible with high temperature solders
• Low resistance
• Secure protection of sensitive electronics
• Low maintenance alternative
• Can serve the smallest of devices
• Environmental and import/export friendly
• RoHS Compliant parts available


• Handheld Devices: Cell Phones, MP3s, Cameras, PDAs
• Computer/Peripherals: Audio, Data, Video Cards, LCDs, USB Thumb Drives