Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS)


Littelfuse offers a broad line of transient voltage suppressors (TVS) ideal for protection of vulnerable circuits used in Automotive, Telecom, Computer, Industrial, and Consumer electronic applications. TVS products are available in surface mount and axial packages, with ratings of 400W – 15KW and an extensive voltage clamping range of 5.0V – 500V.
TVS are available in surface mount and through-hole packages.

SLD Series:

The SLD series is packaged in a highly reliable industry standard P600 axial leaded package and is designed to provide precision overvoltage protection for sensitive electronics. This TVS diode is ideal for inductive load switching and alternator load dump applications.


• Surface Mount
    o SMAJ (DO-214AC)
    o SMBJ (DO-214AA)
    o SMCJ (DO-214AB)
• Through Hole
    o P4KE (DO-41)
    o P6KE (DO-15)
    o 1.5KE (DO-201)
    o 5KP & 15KP (P600)


• Uni-directional and Bi-directional
• Fast Response Time
• Long Life: No Inherent Wear-out Mechanism
• Silicon-based Circuit Protection
• If selected properly, will not affect the normal operation of the circuit being protected
• RoHS Compliant


• DC Power Supply Protection
• AC Line Protection
• EMI Limiting
• Relay/Contactor/Limiting
• OP Amp
• Microprocessor Data Bus
• Load Dump