8 Amp Alternistor Quadrac for LED Dimmer Applications

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Littelfuse Q6008LH1LED and Q6012LH1LED Series Alternistor Triacs and Q6008LTH1LED and Q6012LTH1LED Series QUADRACs for LED Dimming offer robust solutions for power switching control of AC line based LED dimmer applications. They are designed to work as the switching device in the dimmer circuit to vary the light output of new dimmable LED bulbs and strings. They are well suited to the needs of LED lighting dimmer designers who want to combine the widest range of operating parameters with high reliability and without degrading the dimmer’s performance. The market-leading low load current capability of these devices allows creating a single dimmer design that can handle all dimmable lighting loads: LED, CFL, and traditional incandescent.


• Max holding current as low as 6mA
• UL recognized TO-220AB package
• 110°C rated junction temperature
• Static dv/dt performance of 35V/µs
• di/dt performance of 70A/µs
• QUADRAC version includes integrated DIAC
• Gated Triacs have 10mA gate sensitivity


• Light dimmers designed to accommodate LED loads
• LED dimmers or combination dimmers