MACD-14 Sub-miniature with Close Differential

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A sub-miniature, normally open switch with a 14.00mm long x 2.28mm diameter (0.551” x 0.090”) glass envelope capable of switching 200Vdc at 10W with close differential. Sensitivity range 10-30 AT. High insulation resistance of 1010 ohms minimum and low contact resistance of less than 100milli-ohms. Also available in a surface mount version. Ideally suited to position, proximity, float position sensing for liquid level, industrial controls, office equipment, home appliance, and telecom applications.


• Hermetically sealed switch contacts are not affected by and have no effect on their external environment
• No minimum switching voltage or current
• Low, stable contact resistance
• Zero operating power required for contact closure
• Fit and forget durability


• Position Sensing
• Proximity Sensing
• Sensing Float Position for Liquid Level
• Industrial Controls
• Office Equipment
• Home Appliances