Automotive TVS Diodes

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The designers of automotive electronics face many technical challenges during the system design process, including designing methods of protection against a variety of electrical hazards. The three major sources of electrical hazards in these systems are electrostatic discharge (ESD), lightning, and switching loads in power electronics circuits. Overcoming transient surges that can harm the vehicle’s electronics is one of the biggest challenges of the design process.

Protecting automotive electronics includes eliminating transient surges that can damage the control units, infotainment electronics, sensors, fuel injectors, valves, motors, 12/24/42V powertrains and hydrolytic controllers, etc. Littelfuse TVS diodes provide protection for four main categories of vehicle systems: safety, performance and emissions, comfort and convenience, and hybrid vehicles.

In modern automotive designs, all on-board electronics are connected to the battery and the alternator. The output of the alternator is unstable and requires further conditioning before it can be used to power the vehicle’s other systems. Currently, most of the alternators have zener diodes to protect against load dump surges; however, these are still not sufficient. During the powering or switching of inductive loads, the battery is disconnected, so that unwanted spikes or transients are generated. If left uncorrected, these transients would be transmitted along the power line, causing individual electronics and sensors to malfunction or permanently damaging the vehicle’s electronic system, affecting overall reliability.

Littelfuse is a leading provider of TVS diode products. Littelfuse TPSMB, TPSMC, TPSMD, and TPSMA6L Series TVS Diodes can provide secondary transient voltage protection for sensitive electronics from transients induced by load dump and other transient voltage events. These series offer superior electrical performance in a small footprint package, allowing designers to upgrade their circuit protection without altering their existing design footprint or to provide more robust protection in new circuit layouts.


• Low incremental surge resistance
• Uni and Bi-directional polarities available
• Reverse standoff voltage range 5 to 530V
• Surface-mount ratings 200W to 5,000W
• Axial lead ratings 400W to 30,000W (30kW)
• High current protection available up to 15kA
• AEC-Q101


• I/O interfaces Consumer electronics
• External power supply
• Switch-mode power supply
• Automotive electronics: Media players, Audio/video/data/power docks & inputs