Industrial High Energy Terminal Varistors

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HA Series transient surge suppressors are industrial high energy Metal-Oxide Varistors (MOVs). They are designed to provide secondary surge protection. The design of the HA Series of MOVs provide rigid terminals for screw mounting. Also available in a clipped lead version for through hole board placement or to accommodate soldered leads designation "HC."

See Ratings and Specifications Table for part number and brand information.


• RoHS compliant and Lead–free
• Wide operating voltage range VM(AC)RMS 110V to 750V
• Two disc sizes available 32mm and 40mm
• High energy absorption capability WTM = 170J to 1050J
• High peak pulse current capability ITM = 25,000A to 40,000A
• Rigid terminals for secure mounting
• Available in trimmed version for through hole board mounting – Designation "HC"
• No derating up to 85ºC ambient


• Outdoor and service entrance environment (distribution panels) of buildings
• Industrial applications
    o Motor controls
• Power supplies
    o Oil-drilling
    o Mining
    o Transportation