Standard NANO²® Fuse & Clip Assembly

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The Standard NANO²® Fuse/Clip assembly is a small, square, very fast acting surface mount fuse that is assembled in surface mountable fuse clips. The fuse clip and pre-installed fuse combination can be automatically placed in PC Board in one efficient manufacturing operation. It permits quick and easy replacement of fuses without performing de-soldering process, even in the field and without exposing the PC Board to detrimental effects of rework solder heat.


• Surface Mountable, Very Fast Acting Fuse
• Fully compatible with RoHS/Pb-Free solder alloys and higher temperature profiles associated with lead-free assembly
• Easily replaceable on PC Board (Field Replaceable)
• RoHS Compliant
• Available in ratings of 0.062 ~ 10Amperes


• Instrumentation
• Base Stations
• Telecommunications