NANO²® OMNI-BLOK® Fuse & Holder

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The RoHS Compliant NANO²® OMNI-BLOK® offers a solution for efficient installation and easy replacement of miniature NANO²® surface mount fuses. Offered in a tape and reel package, this fuse and holder combination can be installed on a PC board as an efficient single step. Fuse replacement can be accomplished without exposing the PC board to the detrimental effects of solder heat. The fuse holder unit may be sold as a stand alone item, shipped in bulk quantity (not pre-packaged in tape and reel cartridges).


• Easy fuse replacement
• Miniature size
• RoHS compliant
• Very fast acting and Time-Lag options available
• Holder sized to fit a range of Nano2® type fuses
• Low fuse temperature de-rating
• Wide range of current rating available / fast-acting 62mA-10A / Slo-Blo®: 375mA-5A
• Wide operating temperature range
• Heat-resistant fuseholder, UL94 V-0
• Available in 2600C Reflow Capable fuseholder