Subminiature NANO²® Fuse (456 series)

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The 456 series 40A NANO²® fuse is a fast-acting high current fuse designed for over-current protection on direct current (DC) circuits. Though being used in high current applications, its design ensures relatively low temperature rise and excellent temperature stability of the component.
The 456 series offers high-amp circuit protection in a tiny package allowing for a faster pick and place assembly process. Though in a small footprint (12 mm x 4.5 mm x 4.5 mm), the 456 Series 40A device offers interrupting ratings up to 600A at 60VDC with high melting I2t value of 454.51 A2secs. Instead of using dual-fuse, only a single 40A NANO²® fuse is required now to achieve circuit protection for 40A applications.


• High current rating (40A)
• Small surface mount package
• High melting I2T (454.51 A2secs)
• Eliminates the need for two 20A fuses in parallel
• Cost effective – saves board space
• Ensures over-current protection to high current applications
• Provides robust performance and reliable protection in ultra high ambient temperature working environments


• Storage system power
• Base station power supply
• Power supplies for networking
• Mass storage systems
• Voltage regulator module for PC server
• Cooling fan system for PC server