Molex Solderless Terminals

A wide variety of reliable, high-quality solderless solutions that include terminals, splices, quick disconnects and wire management products that meet the interconnect needs of the electrical and industrial markets. TTI carries a broad line of these products.

Perma-Seal Terminals

• Tough and Durable, Resists Abrasion and Cutting; Long Lasting Moisture Proof Connection

• Shrinks Up to 40% Faster than Nylon or Polyolefin And Lined with a Hot Melt Adhesive to Seal the Connection

• Insulation Made Of Niac™, A Third Generation Material with Excellent Abrasion and Chemical Resistant Properties

Battery Cable Lugs

• Seamless Barrel Design so no Special Orientation In Crimp Tool Required

• AWG Wire Size and Stud Size Identification on Barrel for Part Identification

• Uses Industry Standard Tool which Minimizes Customer Capital Investment

Krimptite Terminals

• Non-insulated One Piece Design is the Most Economical and Ideal for Applications which Need no Special Features Wire Range: 10 To 22 AWG

InsulKrimp Terminals

• Butted Seam Terminals Feature A Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Insulation Sleeve Attached to a Krimptite Barrel (10 To 22 AWG), or the Brazed-seam VersaKrimp Barrel (4/0 To 8 AWG)

VersaKrimp Terminals

• Features a Brazed Barrel Seam Bonded with Special Silver Brazing Alloy. Will Not Open Under Stress or Wire Pull

• VersaKrimp Barrel is Tough and Versatile, Guaranteed Not to Split and may be Crimped from Any Direction

Avikrimp Terminals

• Ultimate In High Performance Terminal Design and Construction with Color Coded Barrel Styles

• A Tin Plated Brass Sleeve Strengthens the Barrel and Protects Against Stress and High Vibration

NylaKrimp Terminals

• Designed for Larger Wire Applications and Where High Temperatures or Vibration Levels are Expected

MagKrimp Terminals

• Sharp Teeth or Serrations that Penetrate the Insulating Varnish on Magnet Wire and Eliminates Stripping of Wire

High-temperature Terminals

• Material and Plating Suitable for Elevated Temperatures from 150 to 650°C

• 22 to 10 AWG Crimp Barrels Cover a Broad Range of Wire Sizes and Current Ratings