TTI Can Plug You Into Molex Modular Jacks

Providing versatile solutions to meet increasing
demand for information flow with greater bandwidth
requirements, Molex’s broad range of modular jacks
and plugs offer exceptional performance for voice,
data and high-speed networking applications in
addition to consumer, medical, and industrial
applications. Additionally, Molex offers jacks with
integrated magnetics that support Power-over-Ethernet
(PoE) and specialized, sealed jacks and plugs for
harsh environments.

Magnetic Modular Jacks

Magnetic modular jacks, available in single- and multi-port versions, simplify customer board layouts by reducing the components required and support a wide variety of applications including computer, network and telecommunications equipment.

Standard Modular Jacks

Cat3 and Cat5e

Efficient production processes deliver cost-effective Modular Jacks and Plugs that ensure high-performance and superior reliability across a wide range of Ethernet data speeds.

MXMag Single Port RJ45

Magnetic Jacks

MXMag Single-Port RJ45 connectors are robust, high-reliability magnetic jacks that provide an automated reflow-solder assembly solution designed to meet the uppermost customer demands for mechanical, electrical and environmental performance while offering cost advantages associated with increased production output.