Track-it Traceability Pad


The Track-it™ Traceability Pad functions as a printed circuit board (WIP) identifier in high volume electronic PCB manufacturing. In the course of the customer's PCB manufacturing process, the Pad is picked and placed alongside other components on the PCB and is solder reflowed. The result is a PCB identification that allows the traceability data of all other components contained on the populated PCB to be logged against the unique traceability code number. In the manufacturing process, the PCB identifier can be incorporated into the identification of the final assembled device.


  • Nickel silver material provides good contrast of laser etched code and allows reflow onto application PCB
  • Unique code number for each pad provides unambiguous identification and no investment is needed to write code
  • 2D matrix code is open standard, no license issues and scanner readers that are widely available and affordable
  • Tape and reel packaging allows for automated pick and place on standard chip shooters and can operate in high speed lines. Fully automated product traceability within the production process
  • Small dimensions uses minimal real estate and can be used in the smallest of PCB applications


  • Telecommunication:
  • Mobile Phone Headset
  • Headset Accessories
  • General Consumer:
  • Digital Camera
  • Portable Stereo
  • MP3 Players
  • TV
  • DVD
  • Video Stereo
  • PC/Accessories
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Car Audio
  • Mobile Navigation
  • Telematic Devices
  • Other Markets:
  • Electronic Medical Devices
  • Small Handheld Device
  • PDAs
  • Pocket Data Terminals