MicroClasp™ 2.00mm (.079") Pitch Dual Row W2B

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Molex's new MicroClasp™ 2.00mm (.079") pitch system provides space savings and easy mating/unmating compared to similar 2.00mm (.079") and 2.50mm (.098") pitch wire-to-board systems.

MicroClasp™ includes a unique inner positive lock that provides latch protection, secure retention and an audible mating "click." The terminal design offers low insertion and withdrawal forces and is able to carry 3.0A current in a compact 2.00mm (.079") pitch design.

The new MicroClasp™ system is available in 2-40 circuits in SMT and through-hole designs.


  • 2.00mm (.079") pitch
  • Inner positive lock
  • Low insertion force terminal design
  • Two-point contact design
  • High-current contacts
  • Housing lance system
  • PCB space savings
  • Latch protection, secure mating, and audible "click"
  • Easy mating/unmating
  • Secure electrical contact
  • Carry up to 3.0A
  • Terminal protection and secure retention


  • Vending/Gaming Machines
  • Automotive
  • White Goods
  • Medical
  • Industrial