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Molex's Multi-Port Stacked SFP cages provide a one-piece solution for any customer's needs. Available products support up to 4.25 Gb/s data rates with power filtering circuitry. Standard versions include an elastomeric gasket that reduces insertion force into the panel while ensuring an EMI seal.

The Multi-Port Stacked SFP cages feature the SlimStack™ connector to optimize signal transmission and costs. The spacer board used allows Molex to incorporate circuit components into the assembly, improving the electrical performance.

Product offering consists of:

Standard Product: Two 1x4 SFP cages (Series 73927) installed belly-to-belly using one spacer board. The interface to the host board is done using a SlimStack™ 0.635mm (0.025") pitch board-to-board connector.
Two versions are available, one for standard form factor chassis and a second one compliant with ATCA standard. The difference between them is the height of the interface connector. ATCA version uses a 7mm (0.28") height while the standard version uses a 10mm (0.39") height.

Customization: This may include different configurations of SFP cages, the addition of power filtering components on the spacer board, totally custom mechanical outlines, and the possibility to install LED's and light pipes.


  • Single piece board-to-board assembly
  • High speed electrical performance tested to 2.5Gb/s and 4.25Gb/s
  • Individual electrical customization
  • Mechanical customization
  • Provides easy installation
  • Supports high speed networking and data exchange equipment
  • Added board components for power filtering and enhanced electrical performance. Can also add LEDs and lightpipes
  • Board size can fit customer dimensions and shape. Reduced lead time for modification and design changes.


  • Optical and Copper Adapters
  • Fibre Channel
  • InfiniBand* - IB
  • Gigabit Ethernet