EXTreme Ten60Power(tm) High-Current Connector

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Designed for board-to-board, wire-to-board and panel-to-board applications, EXTreme Ten60Power(tm) hybrid power-and-signal solutions provide up to 260.0A per linear inch, fast response times and easy-to-configure modules.

Customers have a difficult time finding a readily available, yet configurable, connector that meets specific power and signal requirements. Additionally, space and budget constraints prevent them from buying a connector that provides more power/signal than they need. The EXTreme Ten60Power(tm) Hybrid Power and Signal Connectors offer standard modular parts, enabling customers to purchase a connector that exactly meets their power and signal needs without taking up excess space.

High-current power customers need to meet their specific power requirements as closely as possible without paying for excess contacts or tooling. Molex has created EXTreme Ten60Power(tm) Hybrid Power and Signal and Harness Solutions to provide greater design flexibility in power connector assemblies across an even wider range of power and signal requirements, orientations and applications without tooling charges.


  • Wire-To-Board And Panel-To-Board Plug And Harness Solutions
    • Available in 2 through 6 power circuits: 0, 12, 18, and 24 signal circuits
    • Robust, high-current contact blades with 7.50mm power pitch
    • Rated for resistance to arcing in hot-pluggable applications
    • Multiple mating levels available on plug power and signal contacts
    • Available as separate components
    • Complete plug and harness solutions available
    • 8 to 16 AWG power receptacle terminals, 22 to 28 AWG signal receptacle terminals
  • Board-To-Board Solutions
    • Low-profile design: 10.00mm height
    • Standard power blades are rated up to 60.0A per blade at a 30°C T-rise
    • Available in 1- through 9-circuit split-blade power modules: 1- through 10-circuit standard power blade modules, 6- though 60-circuit signal modules; either end-mount or top-mount guidance
    • Modular assembly (modules can be arranged in virtually any configuration and added together)
    • Right-angle and vertical orientations available
    • Rated for resistance to arcing in hot-pluggable applications
    • Robust, high-current contact blades in DC (5.50mm) and AC (7.50mm) power pitches
    • Multiple mating levels available on power and signal contacts