H-DAC™ 64 Single Row Connectors & Headers

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The H-DAC 64 single row product family was designed to offer a space-saving alternative to single row USCAR-designed connectors. The H-DAC 64 single row connection system meets all unsealed USCAR-2 class 2 requirements while offering a 33% reduction in package size.

This versatile product line consists of vertical and right angle 4-circuit headers, plus male and female in-line connectors available in 3 to 6 circuit configurations. Each terminal is capable of supporting both low-level signal as well as low-power applications up to 10.0A.


• Circuit Sizes: 1X3, 1X4, 1X5, & 1X6
• Scoop-proof housing
• Three polarization options available in standard USCAR coloring scheme (black, gray and brown)
• TPA feature
• Positive lock provides audible click during mating
• Optional clip slot feature


• Automotive
    o Sensors
    o Lighting, Switches
• Commercial Sensors
    o Lighting, Switches