LC2+ Metal Optical Connectors

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LC2+ connectors are the next-generation solution to the highly popular LC connector interface. The LC2+ interface is found on many active devices (LED and laser-based) in common equipment applications related to telecom (i.e. antennas), premise wiring, industrial, military, aerospace and medical industries.

LC2+ connectors are designed to support the enhanced performance (EP) aerospace-grade optical cabling, available from cable-manufacturing vendors. In addition, LC2+ connectors meet all FOCIS 10 specifications.


• Fully compatible with all LC form-factor connectors, adapters, active devices and tooling
• Connectors available in standard, high-temperature and sealed versions
• Withstands long-run operating temperatures up to +150°C, beyond the range of standard plastic-body LC interconnects
• Withstands extended severe shock and vibration exposure without risk of failure
• Improved latch retention to withstand severe shock and vibration situations
• Multiple strain-relief boot styles available
• Simplex, duplex, single-mode and multi-mode versionsain-relief boot styles available
• Sealing O-ring and strain-relief boots available (on sealed versions)


• Industrial Automation
    o Mining communications
    o Motor, process and quality-control sensors
    o Oil and gas exploration sensors
    o Physical, chemical and biological-presence sensors
    o Security cameras
    o Wet processing metering
• Medical
    o Diagnostic equipment
    o Operating rooms
• Military/Aerospace
    o Avionics
    o Field-command centers
    o High-security/reliability communications
    o Vetronics
• Telecommunications
    o Vault I/O’s
    o Video transmission
    o Wireless antennas