Ultra Low Profile DDR3 DIMM Sockets

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A leading manufacturer of internal memory module sockets, Molex produces Ultra-Low-Profile DDR3 DIMM sockets to support unregistered DDR3 DIMMs as well as Registered DIMMs (RDIMMs). These sockets feature a low-level contact resistance of only 10 milliohms, reducing overall power consumption in data systems.

With a seating plane of only 1.10mm – the lowest known in the industry – the sockets provide optimum design flexibility by allowing the use of very low-profile memory modules with seating heights below 2.80mm (maximum) in ATCA blade systems. For applications requiring conformance to ATCA Board Mechanics Specifications where component heights cannot exceed 21.33mm from ‘side 1 of the front board PCB’ (specification definitions), these sockets are excellent as they free up to 20.23mm of vertical space above the PCB for the mounting of high-density DIMMs.

The sockets’ reduced latch-actuation angles use less PCB real-estate than standard DIMM sockets to enable the addition of neighboring components. The ultra-low-profile DIMM sockets also have a smaller overall (7.40 by 155.00mm) real estate than that according to JEDEC Specifications (7.75 by 165.00mm), making them space-savers for complex base stations, server farms and voice gateways where chassis mechanics, power, thermal and airflow conditions are critical design factors.

The sockets have glass-filled, high-temperature Nylon housing that enable wave soldering and high-temperature IR reflow operations. The socket latches are reinforced with metal to provide robust module retention and ejection. They also ensure module ejection forces of no less than those in 2.40 or 3.30mm seating plane sockets. Available in black or white parts, the sockets are halogen-free.


  • Ultra-low seating plane of 1.10mm height
  • Low-level contact resistance of 10milliohms (maximum initial)
  • Reduced latch-actuation angle
  • High-temperature, glass-filled socket housing and latches
  • Compliance with industry-standard specifications


  • Data/Network/Telecom
    • Desktop PCs
    • Servers
    • Workstations
    • Routers
    • Switches
    • Storage systems
    • Base stations
    • Server farms
    • Voice gateways
  • Industrial
    • Programmable logic systems
  • Medical
    • Advanced imaging devices