MOX (Micro Omega Molex) Connector Family

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The MOX (Micro Omega Molex) connector family is unsealed and ranges from 2- to 64-circuits. It is designed for use in harsh automotive applications. The 64 circuit MOX system is a 2-row, 0.635mm (.025") wire-to-board connection. When used with 0.64mm MOX crimp terminals the 64-circuit system offers a proven and cost effective solution for airbag controllers, body electronics, and comfort-and- convenience applications.

The MOX Terminal is a universal contact system in automotive electronics. MOX 0.64mm (.025") crimp terminals from Molex are being used by leading car manufacturers in Europe today. As a widely accepted standard and volume product, the terminals offer a competitively priced solution for both manufacturer and supplier for a wide range of electronic devices in automotive applications.

Typical features of the crimp terminal include a high-density packaging of 2.54 by 2.54mm (.100 by .100") centerline, a robust, reliable design, limited dimensions and rational application tooling. A full range of application tooling is available from Molex. The MOX terminal is suitable for wire thicknesses from 18 to 24AWG.

All MOX connectors use the MicroQuadlok System (MQS) cavity, are fully compatible with the standard MQS/MOX interfaces and use either the MOX female crimp terminal or the FFC crimp terminal.

Using the MOX terminal with the Molex patented 'breakable' one-piece molded, snap design, for example the 2-by-3 MOX connector series 98298, ensures easier handling and reduces assembly time at the harness maker.


• Robust, two-piece, laser-welded terminal for harsh automotive applications
• Reliable and cost-effective interconnect solution, designed for crimp wire termination
• Steel sleeve to provide the function of primary locking and protect the mating contact area against overstressing and mechanical damage
• Polarization rib for terminal orientation ensures secure, easy and error-free assembly
• Widely accepted standard and volume based product
• RoHS compliant
• Compatible with the MicroQuadlok System (MQS) Terminal from Tyco


• Automotive
    o Body Electronics
    o Power Seat Modules
    o Power Train
• Transportation
    o Body electronics
    o Convenience applications