MX150™Unsealed Connector System

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The MX150™ unsealed connector system for direct connect or in-line mid-power applications provides reduced package size compared to conventional 1.50mm connection systems. Molex’s design-to-cost approach provides a high-performance connector at a competitive cost via an integrated TPA lock on the hinge, minimal mold costs and low production cycle times. This connection system utilises the existing and proven MX150™ terminal and offers compatibility with Yazaki YESC terminals.


• Provides a high-performance connector for mid-power (14 to 22 AWG wire) applications
• Utilises existing MX150™ sealed connector system field-service tools deployed at numerous harness manufacturers
• Reduces package sizes versus USCAR 1.50mm counterparts; female receptacles are 52% smaller; male in-line connectors are 28% smaller
• Integrated Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) lock molded into receptacle housing
• Intergral locking latch
• Connector Position Assurance (CPA) option available
• Enlarged push surface with ergonomic design
• Two-circuit version available with custom clip-shots; three-and four-circuit versions to follow


• Automotive
• Commercial vehicle
    o Unsealed in-vehicle interconnections
    o All Terrain vehicles (ATVs), 2- and 3-wheelers, Segways, scooters
• Consumer
    o White goods
    o Vending machines
    o Slot and gaming consoles
    o HVAC