Metric Ring Terminals

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Introducing high-quality metric-size solderless ring terminals featuring insulated Avikrimp™ and un-insulated VersaKrimp™ seamless barrel types. The terminals provide maximum electrical performance for metric crimps using studs up to 10mm in diameter and wire size up to 6mm².

Terminals meet UL requirements only when used with Molex recommended tooling; however terminals may be crimped with a variety of industry-standard tooling.


• Terminals designed with metric ring sizes
• VersaKrimp™ style un-insulated rings feature a brazed seam on the crimp barrel
• Avikrimp™ style rings are pre-insulated with Nylon on the barrel
• Avikrimp™ barrel has tin-plated brass ferrule
• Terminals are constructed of high-quality, oxygen-free copper with tin plating
• Molex crimp tooling available


• Automotive
    o Aftermarket audio or video
    o Aftermarket wiring harnesses
• Consumer
    o Appliances / white goods
    o Consumer electronics / brown goods
• Industrial Automation
    o Electrical panels
    o Terminal blocks
    o Wiring harnesses