Micro USB Receptacles & Cable Assembly

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Micro-USB technology was developed by the USB Implementers Forum, Inc. (USB-IF), an independent nonprofit group that advances USB technology. Molex's Micro-USB connectors offer advantages of smaller size and increased durability compared with the Mini-USB. Micro-USB connectors allow manufacturers to push the limits of thinner and lighter mobile devices with sleeker designs and greater portability.

Micro-USB replaces a majority of Mini-USB plugs and receptacles currently in use. The specification of the Micro-USB supports the current USB On-The-Go (OTG) supplement and provides total mobile interconnectivity by enabling portable devices to communicate directly with each other without the need for a host computer.

Molex has developed seven series of Micro-USB Type 'B' and Type 'AB' receptacles in a selection of top-, bottom- and mid-mount versions, and a new series of USB 'A' to Micro-USB 'B' cable assemblies. These connectors include a lead-in feature in the connector housing for blind-mating of receptacle to plug.

The connector body has a unique laser-welded metal shield design that reinforces mechanical seam strength while preventing damage to the plug or receptacle due to perpendicular or horizontal (wrenching) stress. Other key features of the product include high durability of over 10,000 insertion cycles, and a passive latching mechanism that provides higher extraction forces without sacrificing the USB's ease-of-use when synchronizing and charging portable devices.


• Small footprint
• Stainless steel shell (0.30mm [.019"] thick)
• Simple edge-contact beam geometry of connector shell
• Over-mold process used for receptacles
• 0.30mm (.019") thick laser-welded stainless-steel shell of receptacle
• Passive latching window with angular tabs (meets USB 2.0 specification requirements) on receptacle shell
• Rear shield of stainless steel shell in standard-mount versions
• Pick and place area (3.00mm diameter [.118"]) on connector shell
• Halogen-free receptacles


• Mobile phones
    o Portable devices
    o PDA, GPS, MP3 players
    o Portable digital video players
    o Digital still cameras
    o Digital video cameras
• Peripherals
    o Photo printers
    o Mouse, Keyboards
    o Flash drives
• Accessories
    o Vehicle battery chargers