Mini50™ Unsealed Connector System 2.0mm Pitch

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The Mini50™ unsealed, wire-to-board connection system offers customers reduced package sizes compared to conventional 0.64mm connection systems, with applied cost savings and enhanced reliability. Mini50 connectors provide reduced overall harness weight and cost savings by allowing wire-harness customers to crimp and process smaller wire gauges versus traditional 0.64mm terminal systems.

Current configurations are available in single-row, 4- and 8-circuit versions and a dual-row, 12-circuit version. The Mini50 unsealed wire-to-board system allows device manufacturers to package circuits in a smaller space by utilizing smaller pin and terminal sizes while reducing costs. The Molex Mini50 4/8/12 circuit interface was chosen by USCAR as the standard 050 interface. The Mini50 4, 8 and 12 circuit connectors are available in through-hole and SMT versions and meet USCAR standards.


• Reduced package sizes
• Designed and tested to USCAR 050 specifications
• Orientation features are molded into the header
• Board alignment and retention features
• High-temperature thermoplastic housings
• Female terminal wire grips for wires 0.35mm2 and smaller
• Three polarization options
• Independent secondary lock (ISL) terminal-retention feature
• CTX50 terminal wire grip design
• Connector position assurance (CPA) latch optional


  • Automotive and non-automotive transportation
    • Headliners
    • Clusters / navigation
    • Radios
    • Cameras / sensors
    • HVAC
    • Switches
    • Lighting
    • Mirrors