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The NSCC product family provides unsealed wire-to-wire and wire-to-board power connections in 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 10- and 16-circuit options. NSCC female receptacles are a cost effective solution for small circuit sizes due to the one-piece design with integrated hinged TPA function. The receptacles carry power through 1.50 and/or 2.80mm terminals. NSCC connectors are fully compatible with SICMA, BTS and TSC terminal systems


• One-piece clean-body receptacle terminals for smooth terminal entry
• Terminals produced in high-conductivity alloy
• One-piece receptacles with integrated hinged TPA function
• ‘Go no-go’ locking system with audible click
• Color coding linked to the mechanical keying
• Hybrid connectors available


• Automotive
    o Air bag sensors
    o Air-Conditioning
    o Anti Theft Systems
    o Engine control unit
    o Indicator panels
    o Lighting
    o Seats interconnections
    o Steering
    o Switches
    o Wipers
• Transportation
    o Air bag sensors
    o Audio, navigation, infotainment
    o Steering controls