Picoflex® 1.27mm Ribbon Cable Headers and Connectors

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Picoflex headers and connectors provide highly reliable 1.27mm ribbon-cable connections with high-retention forces in an extremely diverse range of applications. Molex has expanded the Picoflex family to include reverse-footprint SMT headers. Available with and without latches and in optional high-temperature plastic, the new headers provide customers with a wider range of application opportunities without the need for costly PCB re-design.

In addition to Tin (Sn) plated contacts, Molex offers Picoflex connectors and headers plated with Palladium Nickel (PdNi) plus a Gold (Au) flash. Palladium Nickel is a durable, technologically advanced plating material with excellent wear-resistance properties, resistance to corrosion and is non-oxidizing. A flash of Gold over the Palladium provides lubrication and surface wear resistance.

In today’s economic climate, PdNi-plated connectors are being widely adopted as a replacement for pure Gold-plated versions owing to the superior deposit characteristics of PdNi over Gold and lower, more stable raw material costs.


• Reverse PCB footprint SMT headers: series 93405 and 93407 compatible with Tyco’s Micro-Match series 188275
• SMT solder tails available
• High-profile polarising peg
• Available with Tin (Sn) or Palladium Nickel (PdNi) + Gold (Au) flash plated contacts
• High-temperature housing materials
• Optional PCB pegs to polarise header to PCB
• Available in tubes or tape and reel


• Solar
• Weighing systems
• Vehicle infotainment
• Computer peripherals
• Telecommunications
• Portable heart-rate monitors.