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SEARAY* Slim connectors are a solution armed with the benefits of the standard SEARAY family but with a width similar to 2-row mezzanine products. The design gives a system a highly compact solution but with speed capabilities of 12.5 Gbps, a level of performance most other 2-row products cannot achieve today. As system level speeds approach 5Gbps and beyond, SEARAY is an enticing mezzanine architecture that provides headroom for future generation iterations as protocol speeds continue to increase.

SEARAY Slim pushes the envelop of the SEARAY product family, offering a 4-row solution that is a narrower version of the existing SEARAY housings. Because Slim features Molex's patented solder-charge technology and can pack much signal density into the tight .050" pitch, the connector width is equivalent to that of standard 2-row SMT products. With a flexible tooling strategy, SEARAY Slim can offer circuit sizes ranging from 40- to 200-circuits and heights of 6- to 15mm (.236 to .591").

SEARAY Slim connector's slender waistline provides design engineers with a solution complementary to system airflow and with a long body that provides ease in routing signals through minimal signal layers, as low as 2 layers if signals are routed to both sides of the connector or 4 layers if all signals route to one side of the mezzanine solution. Finally, unlike competitor's products available today, SEARAY Slim offers guide posts for blind mating capabilities


  • Narrow body width comparable to 2-row SMT products
  • Minimal PCB footprint for high density board designs and effective design for airflow considerations
  • Data rates of up to 12.5 Gbps provides excellent signal clarity and large bandwidth for customer requirements in high-speed designs
  • Flexible tooling design with multiple stack heights and circuit sizes provides ease in tooling a new circuit size or stack-height version
  • Robust contact design prevents stubbing and damage in mating interface
  • Molex's unique and patented, solder-charge technology are more cost effective and more reliable than Ball Grid Array (BGA) attach methods with less assembly processing required and a more reliable PCB adhesion


  • Real estate proliferation
  • Controller cards
  • Mezzanine add-on cards