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The SolarSpec™ Junction Box, designed for robotic-assembly of silicon photovoltaic systems, reduces assembly time and production costs for PV-panel manufacturers. Rugged and durable, IP67-sealed, SolarSpec™ DC connectors feature simple snap-lock mating and an internal locking mechanism for superior safety. They are designed for direct connection to solar junction boxes, field installations and PV grid wiring. In addition, SolarSpec™ DC double-insulated cable assemblies, with proven long life cycle and optimum weather resistance, meet the demands of harsh and outdoor solar wiring applications.

The first SolarSpec™ Junction Box from Molex is available for sale to global manufacturers of mono- and poly-crystalline (silicon) photovoltaic (PV) solar modules. Exclusively designed spring terminals with optional Solder Charge Technology™ allow the SolarSpec Junction Box Assembly to be attached to PV solar panels using robotic pick-and-place machines. An automated approach to production removes any process variation and risk-of-assembly errors, at the same time reducing costs associated with manual labor.

The in-house design and manufacture of SolarSpec™ pin and socket DC connectors and contacts enables Molex to deliver a superior quality, reliable and lower-cost solution to the market. Customers benefit from exclusive Molex design features including molded surface ribs and the lowest contact resistance over competitive connector versions. Connectors can be sold individually, as standard or custom cable assemblies, or supplied together with the Molex SolarSpec™ Junction Box for Silicon PV panels.

The 4.00mm² (12AWG) SolarSpec™ DC cable assemblies are available for use in serial and parallel solar applications. The range includes single-ended cordsets for use with solar junction boxes and double-ended configurations for array and field installations. The specified cables are double-insulated, electron beam cross-linked to ensure long life cycles and to meet the demands of harsh, outdoor solar applications. Molex SolarSpec™ DC cable assemblies are designed to connect to other products in the SolarSpec™ range.


Junction box

  • Diode and cable connections in removable top cover
  • Assembly includes 2 x 4mm²/ 12 AWG molex produced DC cables
  • Components are supplied packaged suitable for robotic pick-and-place assembly
  • Cover features one-way membrane vent

DC Connectors

  • Simple snap-lock mating; polarisation and an audible click ensure successful mating
  • Internal-locking mechanism protected by latch guards; requires a tool to unlock
  • Touch-proof safety design
  • Exclusive molded-surface ribs
  • Accommodate 2.50mm² and 4.00 to 6.00mm² (14 and 12 to 10 AWG) cable

DC connectors and cable assemblies are sealed to IP67 and resistant to UV and ozone damage
DC cable assemblies are available in single- or double-ended configurations and a range of standard or custom lengths in 4.00mm² (12AWG) cable


  • Solar
  • Home Installations
  • Junction boxes
  • Public Buildings
  • Solar Farms (power plants)
  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels
  • Stadiums