Stac64™ Connection System 2.54mm (.100”) Pitch

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The Stac64 connection system allows OEM and device manufacturers greater design flexibility to support both low-level signal requirements as well as power applications upwards of 30.0A. The Stac64™ system allows automotive manufacturers to use header assemblies as stand-alone components, to gang multiple headers together to support a large range of signal and power needs for devices and modules.

The standard product line based on the 0.64mm (.025") pitch terminal includes: 8-, 12-, 16- and 20-circuit connectors in both vertical and right-angle headers supporting low-level signal requirements. An additional 10-circuit ‘power pocket’ version, supporting power applications for 1.50 and 2.80mm (.059 and .110") pitch terminal systems, is available in vertical and right- angle configurations.

This Stac64 is a standard product system based on USCAR-2 Class II mechanical and electrical performance characteristics for unsealed connector applications. The connectors mate to existing wire-harness connectors designed to the USCAR/EWCAP industry footprints. The Stac64 standard product offering is currently tooled at high cavitation and is fully validated at the single-pocket level. This greatly reduces time-to-market by completely eliminating the need for additional tooling.


  • Stackable connection system of readily available PCB headers
  • The header and female receptacle housings are molded in standard USCAR color schemes
  • Pre-assembled, linear Mylar PC tail alignment strip for right-angle headers
  • Modular-housing design with standard dovetail features molded into the housings
  • PCB alignment posts
  • PCB stand-offs molded into housings
  • High-temperature thermoplastic housings
  • Female receptacle TPA release latches
  • Pre-assembled TPA to receptacle housing shipped as single assembly


  • Automotive Vehicles
  • Radios / DVD - Entertainment
  • Interior Lighting and Navigation
  • Instrument Panel Clusters
  • Power Seat Modules
  • Door Zone Modules
  • Non-Automotive Transportation
  • Interior Electronic Modules
  • Body Electronic Modules