microSD Memory Card Push-Pull Connector

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Molex’s new 504077 microSD series meets today’s demanding mobile downsizing needs. With a profile height of just 1.28mm and a compact overall size, this new push-pull microSD connector is ideal for applications such as thin smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices.

The 504077 series also provides stronger PCB retention than competitive versions, which is important in order to protect solder joints from damage when users try and extract a card in the middle of a tightly-packaged phone. The Molex design also includes beveled terminals that protect against damage during card insertion while providing secure contact forces for electrical reliability.

While card retention is not as important in push-pull versions as it is in push-push types, there is a need to make sure the card stays secure. Molex’s new push-pull design contains a unique “half-lock” feature to achieve this. The shell on the 504077 series has a spring function feature built into it that provides a mild type of “half-lock” for secure card retention while still allowing smooth card insertion and extraction.


• Compact card sockets with low profile height and overall compact size
• Six PCB tabs for secure hold-down
• Terminal design with gradual lead-in
• Unique “half-lock” card retention feature
• Card polarization features
• Open detect switch design


• Smart phones
• Standard mobile phones
• Tablet PCs
• Other mobile devices