FlexPlane™ Interconnect System

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The Molex FlexPlane™ optical flex circuit provides one of the highest density and versatile interconnect systems on the market today. For high Fibre count interconnects in backplane and cross-connect systems, the FlexPlane's high density routing on a flexible, flame-resistant substrate provides a manageable means of Fibre routing from card-to-card or shelf-to-shelf. A variety of interconnects including blind mating MT and MTP* based connectors can be used to connect the optical flex circuits to individual cards in a shelf.

Available in any routing scheme, Fibre can be routed point-to-point, in a shuffle, or in a logical pattern. Direct or fusion-spliced terminations are available. Non-fusion splice lead lengths are available up to two meters. Molex provides a variety of FlexPlane interconnect options including: MT, MTP, MT-RJ, SMC, LC, FC, ST† , SC, MU, up to 12 Fibre Backplane MTP (BMTP), and up to 96 Fibre High Density Backplane MT (HBMT). Packaging alternatives include standard bare flexible substrate, sandwiched in FR-4 or custom laminating. Each FlexPlane circuit can be fully tested down to the per port insertion loss and return loss.

*MTP is a registered trademark of Us Connec Ltd.

†ST is a trademark of Lucent Technologies


  • Customized solution
    • Variety of design alternatives
    • Variety of designe features
    • Solves specific application problems
    • Allows flexibility to solve specific system density issues
  • High density - Virtually unlimited Fibre density
  • Long lead lengths that allow direct termination which eliminates additional insertion loss from fusion splicing
  • Compatible with MT ferrules - Works well with Molex high density interconnects such as: BMTP, HBMT, SMC


  • Computing Equipment
  • Telecommunications Equipment
    • Transmission
    • Switching
    • Multiplexing
  • Broadband Equipment
    • Amplifiers


  • Datasheet (PDF)