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High temp, high flex, abrasion resistant cables using chemically inert insulation material. The low dielectric FEP material is extruded creating electrical performance advantages.

I.D.C. (Insulation Displacement Connector) Ribbon Cable
Temp-Flex FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene, a Teflon® alternative) insulated conductors are extruded into ribbon format for ease of termination with standard I.D.C.'s.

Flex Cable
Temp-Flex flex cable has self-lubricating FEP insulation material and 19 strand alloy conductors.

Matched Impedance Cable
Temp-Flex FEP ribbon cable is extruded to match specific system impedance with typical speeds < 1 Ghz and rise times >1 ns.

Mil-Spec Approved Cable
Temp-Flex military approved FEP insulated cables meet demanding environmental testing. Approved: M49055/11 & /12.


  • Robust
  • No outgassing under vacuum at max temperature.
  • Broad Temperature Range (-65°C - 200°C)
  • Greater Chemical & Abrasion Resistance vs. PVC or TPE
  • Insulation Displacement Compatible
  • Pitch Control ±2 Mil
  • Precision Extrusion, Not Laminated
  • Hand Tool Available to Change Conductor Count


  • Robotics -Highly Flexible
  • Avionics – “Black Box”
  • Military (M49055)
    • Cage Code: OCGL7
  • Low Power Applications