Molex Board-to-Board Headers and Receptacles


Molex C-Grid / SL connectorsC-Grid® / SL Products
2.54 mm (.100") pitch grid interconnection products: C-Grid®, the dual row, board-to-board system and SL™, the modular, single row wire-to-board and wire-to-wire system. (View More)

Molex C-Grid III connectorsC-Grid III™
2.54 mm (.100") pitch modular system available in 3 standard platings.
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Molex panel detachable connectorsDetachable
Panel detachable board-to-board connectors. Available in two-piece and one-piece systems. (View More)

Molex KK connectorsKK®
2.50 mm (.098") to 5.08 mm (.200") pitch Wire-to-Board, Board-to-Board interconnect systems. (View More)

Molex Micro-Fit connectorsMicro-Fit 3.0™
3.00 mm (.118") pitch signal/power connector capable of handling up to 5 amps/circuit. Available in through-hole and SMT. (View More)

Molex Milli-Grid connectorsMilli-Grid™
2.00 mm (.079") pitch. Molex's Milli-Grid family of high density connectors is based on a 2.00 x 2.00mm grid pattern. (View More)

Molex Plateau HS Dock connectorsPlateau HS Dock™
Molex high speed docking connectors feature an innovative plated plastic housing for outstanding performance and multiple options for application design flexibility (View More)

Molex SPOX connectorsSPOX™
2.50 mm (.098") to 5.08 mm (.200") pitch springbox contact design WTB system. (View More)